Lifelong Jewish Learning


Another Hebrew name for synagogue is Beit Midrash – house of learning. Study is central in Judaism and we invite and encourage our members to continue learning in all areas of our tradition.

As adult learners at Temple Sholom, our backgrounds are enormously varied. We differ in terms of Jewish knowledge and experience. Some of us grew up in Orthodox or Conservative homes and others in homes that were “culturally Jewish.” Our membership includes Jews-by-choice as well as those from a variety of other faith traditions. We welcome everyone, including people who aren’t ready to choose Reform Judaism but who are definitely interested. We are fortunate to be led by Cantor Wolff who is open to and comfortable with the great variety of interests and motivations that bring learners and seekers through the doors of our temporary home. Adult learners also join the Cantor in the social hall, conference room, local restaurant & diner, and even neighborhood streets and a nearby public park for a “Wandering Jews” half-hour walk before Torah Study.

Recognizing diversity as a strength, we work to accommodate it in our educational programming as well as our worship. Participants also have an opportunity to learn from one another. Not simply questions, but doubts, dissatisfactions and disagreements are acknowledged and explored in an accepting atmosphere established by our Cantor and Spiritual Leader.

A taste of modern Hebrew

A taste of modern Hebrew

We know that people attend learning programs as their interests suggest and schedules permit, and so we are constantly experimenting. Among our offerings are programs such as:

  • Torah & a Bagel
  • Shavuot Study programs
  • Om Shalom Yoga and Havdalah
  • Pre Shabbat Meditation
  • Taste of Modern Hebrew, using podcasts and videos from Israel
  • Program on Judaism and health
  • Outreach to Interfaith Families
  • Sounds of Shabbat, exploring music and liturgy
  • Shabbat Learners Service with opportunities to ask questions

Making Groggers for Purim


Temple Sholom welcomes worshippers and learners of all ages.

On the High Holy Days special children’s programs are offered during the morning service. A space is set aside so young children and family members can take a break from the main service any time they need.

Family programs are held on a regular basis, exploring Jewish holidays and traditions.

Children who are ready to prepare for their B’nai Mitzvah meet individually with Cantor Wolff and follow a course of study tailored to their individual talents.