“V’yikchu li t’rumah mei-eit kol ish asher yidvenu libo”

“And take for me a contribution from every person whose heart willingly offers” [Exodus 25:2]

Imagine a Synagogue Community

  • where young and old learn and celebrate together
  • where Torah and Yoga both are practiced
  • where anyone can join, regardless of their financial situation and High Holy Day services are free
  • where differences are celebrated and connections are made
  • A community that brings Jewish learning to the diner, and dining to the synagogue

That, dear friends, is what the community of Temple Sholom is committed to create, right here in Floral Park, Queens.

Impossible you say? Not if you agree with Theodor Herzl’s famous statement “If you want it, it is not a dream…”
We certainly want it and are committed to do whatever is in our power to make our dream a reality. Our hope is that you too want to make this dream a reality and are ready to help us.

We are building our community – in a way that fits our current situation rather than past history, a community that will continue to explore new ways to bring Reform Judaism out into our neighborhood. At the same time we are also committed to building a community that won’t have to depend exclusively on dues in order to survive and thrive. And that is where you can make a difference.

Want to become a contributor? Take a look below at all the various ways you can do so and support Temple Sholom!

Bonim – Builders:

Sponsor a Brick – A meaningful gift of everlasting remembrance.
Beautiful commemorative bricks will be installed at the entrance of our new Temple Sholom lobby. What better way to memorialize a loved one, celebrate your special occasion, honor a friend, acknowledge a simcha, or offer Mazel Tov to someone special than expressing your thoughts in this significant way. Reserve yours today.

Single Brick

  • 8” x 4” x 2 ¼” Brick
  • with 1-3 lines of engraving
  • (18-20 spaces/line)
  • $180.00
Double Brick

  • 8” x 8” x 2 Brick
  • With 1-6 lines of engraving
  • (18-20 spaces/line)
  • $360.00
Triple Brick

  • 12” x 12” x 2 ¼” Brick
  • With 1-8 lines of engraving
  • (18 to 20 spaces/line)
  • $540.00

The Founding Member category is for those who wish to make a larger contribution of $1,800.00; this contribution includes a Single Brick with 2 names inscribed and 1 year Family membership.

For additional information, contact Barbara Rosenthal or the Temple office.

Memorialize your loved ones by putting up a bronze yahrzeit plaque on the Memorial Board in our sanctuary. Clergy will recognize the yahrzeit each year at services and you will be notified in advance of the anniversary date each year, so that you may attend. The price of each engraved plaque is $150. For a 24-inch plaque at the bottom of the board, the cost is $1000. For further information call Harriet Peaceman at (718) 343-6444.

Click here to contribute to our congregation through our secure contributions page.

To donate to special Temple programs, please choose from the following funds:

  • Lynn Esta Grossman Fund – Established by Pearl and the late Sydney Grossman in honor of their late daughter Lynn for the benefit of Community-wide programs. This fund often underwrites interesting speakers who present on the topics of the day that concern our community.
  • Larry Wolf Fund – Established by Gerty Wolf in honor of her late husband, Larry, specifically for Jewish educational programs that involve young people.
  • The Strauss Family Fund – Established by Stan Strauss to honor the late Ann Strauss for a myriad of purposes. For example, the Strauss Family Fund was set up for the acquisition of Judaic objects in our new Synagogue, to support all of the worship services of Temple Sholom and other areas of Temple Sholom life that need support; part of the fund is earmarked to keep the monthly Shabbat Dinners at $18.
  • Clergy Discretionary Fund – Established to be used at the clergy’s discretion, to support charitable causes in the community.
  • The Oneg Fund – Established to keep every Oneg Shabbat as bountiful as they have been over the course of the past years, even when an Oneg is not sponsored.
  • Bernard “Barney” Bragin Music Fund – Established in memory of the late Barney Bragin. This fund is meant to support special musical programming at Temple Sholom.

To earmark your contribution for a specific fund, just write out your check to Temple Sholom and in the Memo section of your check write in the name of the fund. The office will make sure it gets posted to that fund.

Or Click here to go to our secure contributions page.